Barb Fuller

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Fall Art Tour©
October 18, 19 & 20, 2013
10 – 6 Daily


The Very Merry Holiday Fair©
December 13 & 14, 2013
323 Water Street
Baraboo, Wisconsin

About Barbara

A Wisconsin native, Barbara grew up in the countryside surrounded by rural life and nature. As a youth, she spent her time crossing dewy pastures, wandering in balsam and maple woods, observing the flora and fauna, natures secret places all the while attuned to the changing seasons. Through these experiences she developed a lifelong passion for the beauty of the natural world. Paired with her love of reading poetry and literature, the quiet, the mystery, the real or imagined world is mirrored in her artwork.

From her youth, she went on to the University of Wisconsin where she studied drawing and painting and earned a degree in art. But, it was an accidental necessity to learn calligraphy that transformed her art and fired her imagination even more. Blending her love for literature with art.

Words, the catalyst for her creativity, are often found in her artwork; carefully selected and personal in their meaning. Her detailed colored pencil and watercolor drawings are the result of meticulous planning and abundant layering of media. Though realism is her style, her imagination often calls up images of fairies, sprites and mythical creatures.

“Some of my work is very straightforward , but some is much more complicated. What are the words saying? What is the image revealing and is there a hidden message? I love to do art that communicates more each time you look at it. It’s that connection that’s magic!”

Barbara currently works from her home studio where she has been creating art for more than 20 years. Having participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs she has won many awards and has work displayed in both public and private collections. She also does free-lance commercial work commissioned for greeting card illustrations and other projects.